KUNG FURY ; Bangun Pagi, Gosok Gigi

Makan Roti, Minum Kopi

Keluar Lari, Langgar Lori




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A Glimpse of Modern Wushu

My personal favourite Wushu Forms

长拳 (Cháng Quán) or Long Fist Form
Old School Chang Quan
Zhao Chang Jun, 1986
The sound can’t keep up with his awesomeness
masteringwushu 2 years ago
“this to me is one of the best CQ routines of all times”

Flying Man
Wu Gang, 1998
China Wushu Nationals
wushumarco 1 year ago
“Let’s talk about air time baby! :-)…….puuh, don’t talk about side kicks :-)”

21st Century Chang Quan
Zhao Qing Jian, 2004
All China Games

Meanwhile…in EUROPE,
Magnus Garneij (Sweden), 2010
13th European Wushu Championships

刀术 (Dao Shu) or Broadsword Form
Old School
Liu Hai Bo, 1997

Zhao Qing Jian, 2008
World Wushu Championships, Beijing

棍术 (Gun Shu) or Long Staff Form
Old School
Zhao Chang Jun, should be in the 1980’s

Lu Yong Xu, 2010
World Wushu Championships

剑术 (Jian Shu) or Straight Sword Form
Yu Te, 2013
All China Games

枪术 (Qiang Shu) or Spear Form
Old School
Jia Ping, 20th Century

Yu Te, 2013
All China Games

I don’t really have any preferences for the forms below but i think these ones give a pretty big impact..
南拳 (Nán Quán) or Southern Fist Form
Chen Huiying, 2012
All China Games

南刀 (Nán Dao) or Southern Broadsword Form
He Jing De, 2011
World Wushu Championships

Judgment of Basic Jumps

The Top 5 Wushu Strength Training Exercises (Yang Yu Hong Interview)

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Nama Pelik Orang Sabah

full article HERE

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Open Your Mind

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That funny moment when you..

Imagine there’s only the English language 8D

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Why students don’t have time to study

why don't students have time to study
troll face

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Goode Night Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding

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